ESPL Access Tests

There are two levels of access at the ESPL. Members of our teams must first pass a general exam to gain access to the building, more simply known as ESPL Access. From there students can then gain access to the machine shop or welders. To do this students must take an additional exam and complete training with our Welding and Machine Shop Instructor. More information is below.

ESPL Access

In order to gain access to the ESPL, prospective members must complete the following steps in this order: sign up on your team's roster, complete the DRS training modules, and complete the Prairielearn test

Sign up on your team's roster

In order to start working towards access, you must be on the roster of one of the teams in ESPL. Each team's leadership will add members to the official roster. Teams will tell you where to submit the information needed. If you have any questions contact your team's safety officer.

If you are on multiple teams you must be on every team's roster, but only need to complete the following steps for one team only.

Division of Research Safety (DRS) Training Modules

After going your teams roster, the next step is to complete the DRS  Labratory Safety modules. They are found on the DRS webiste under the training tab, or click here to login and access it. After you have taken both parts, save the certificate as a PDF and send it to your team's leadership to be recorded.

Take the Prairielearn Test

Review the PowerPoint over to the right. The test is based off of the information contained in the PowerPoint and video. After you have studied, the next step is to go on Prairielearn. You will need to add the course "ESPL: Training Tests, Fall 2020 and Spring 2021".
When taking the test, make sure you take the right test, the Safety Test, for the correct team. If you take the test for a different team your score will not be recorded. You need to score greater than 96% to pass. If you have questions ask your team's leadership.

Presentation Link

PDF Link

Respiratory Fit Check Video Link

Machine Shop and Welding

After members have gained access to the ESPL, they can then undergo additional tests and training to gain access to this equipment. You must have ESPL access in order to begin any training.

Machine Shop


Review the PowerPoint to the left, it contains all of the information on the test. Once again, the test is in the CBTF. You will need to sign up for a time slot.

When taking the test, make sure to take the test for the appropriate team, or your score will not be recorded. You must score 94% or above. The test is very long, make sure you have studied the PowerPoint thoroughly.


Once you have passed the test, you will be added to a spreadsheet and be able to sign up for training times with our machine instructor. Note that a maximum of three people can be sign up for any one time slot.

You will need to initially schedule two two hour time slots to undergo training on the lathe and mill. After completing these sessions you will make a test piece to demonstrate your newly learned skills.

Once you complete your test piece, you will then be allowed to work on projects for your team under the supervision of the instructor. You will need to continue to sign up for time slots. Students will spend different amounts of time before receiving 24 hour access. There i no minimum or maximum hour limit, it is of the discretion of the instructor when a student has gained enough knowledge, skill, and safe practices to work without supervision.



The test will cover material from the PowerPoint to the right and the videos down below. Make sure you study both of these sources. Then you can sign up to take a test at the CBTF.

When taking the test, make sure to take the test for the appropriate team, or your score will not be recorded. You must score 94% or above.


After passing the test, you can now sign up for training time with the welding instructor. You will be added to a spreadsheet with different time slots. Sign up for a two hour session and make sure to label the time as welding. A maximum of three students can be signed up for one timeslot.

Upon successful completion of first training, students will have 24 hour access to the welders. This does not mean you are done training. Welding is a very difficult craft and requires a lot of practice. After the first session you are encouraged to practice on your own, with a safety buddy, or with another trainee.

If you feel you have picked up bad habits or are struggling, you are encouraged to sign up for another two hour time slot to correct any mistakes you have been making. When welding aluminum for the first time, students are encouraged to sign up for training as Aluminum is much more difficult and requires a slightly different set-up.